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Add a graphics Design Studio to your web app in minutes

One-click tool to automate generation of graphic designs for your users
Fully responsive

Vizard Design Studio automatically resizes to seamlessly fit anywhere in your app

Pre-Designed Templates

Dozens of pre-designed templates to start your users on the right foot. Additionally, make your own templates

Multiple Product Catalogues

Your users can add existing Facebook product catalogue or create a new one to generate designs at scale

Vizard Studio

Automate Creatives at scale for your users

Pre-designed templates or custom

Vizard comes loaded with ever-increasing list of templates. Additionally, create & release custom templates specifically suited for your users & their use case.


Multiple size variants in single-click

Vizard can generate multiple size variants of the same design, ready to be published on different platforms (Instagram Story, Facebook, Instagram feed, Pinterest, Twitter etc.).

Powerful Graphics Design Editor

Powerful & Intuitive Design Editor built right in.

  • Google Fonts
  • Image Upload
  • Image Import from Social Media
  • Convert design to template

Integrates with various Product Catalogues

Vizard enables auto creation of graphic designs at scale by pulling in
product information from your user's product catalogues. Either add an existing catalogue
from the following or create a new one with Vizard.
Didn't see your required catalogue? Get in touch

Get started immediately

No long term commitments. Pay as you go. Cancel Anytime.
Best Value
Design Pro
per export Usage Fee
  • Natively integrates with your web app
  • Customisable actions within the Designer
  • Notifications for important events
  • Customisable look & feel to fit your brand
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“Releasing a Design Studio within our Marketing Platform overnight, was like magic! Our users are now making beautiful Facebook ad creatives themselves and in seconds.”
Anshuk Aggarwal
Co-Founder, AdYogi
“Automating creatives at scale has always been a challenge for us. Thanks to Vizard, we have a powerful design creator right inside our app.”
Sanji Patel