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Dynamic Images for Email Service Providers

What more can be done to make the email more customised with relevant and stunning graphic designs?

Email Service Providers have some great customisation options and wonderful pre-designed email templates but there is more value they can give to their clients. The images, graphic designs and email banners used by the clients can be tailored and automatically generated. But almost all email marketing platforms lack this feature.

How Vizard Studio helps?

Vizard Studio adds a powerful design studio to your email creator allowing your users to design email banners and other graphics right inside your app and in your workflow.

How does it work automatically?

Your users can choose one of the pre-designed templates from Vizard Studio & generate graphic design in multiple variants of sizes.
For e-commerce clients, their product catalogues from Facebook, Shopify etc. can be linked and then they can choose any product to automatically generate creatives.

Can users edit the designs?

There is a powerful editor within Vizard Studio. Your users can customise text, colour, elements or images according to their taste and style.

Where can these graphic designs be used?

The users can include these customised graphic designs in either their emails, on social media or as digital marketing creatives. The variant sizes make it versatile to be used on multiple platforms.

Can one make their own templates?

The Email Service Providers can create their own templates and provide them to their users. Optionally, the users can also design their own templates.

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