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Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for E-Commerce Platform

How a large e-commerce company scaled personalised creatives and messaging for their festive sale campaign?

About the company

An online shopping portal having more than 35 million products across more than 800 different product categories, with 3 lakh sellers on its
e-commerce platform that cater to millions of users.

Enormous amount of discounts are provided during the festival season. Generally, all e-commerce companies make offers at the same time of the year and hence there is aggressive promotions among all the brands to make consumers prefer it. This is the reason why the company is present at every single touch point their current or possible customers are present at.

The Challenge

They aimed to drive awareness about their festive sale by reaching new audiences and engaging existing customers on their social handles. Specifically, the company wanted to target different markets with personalised sale messages using different digital channels. The existing marketing process and structure could not support the scale and speed of operations required to execute on this level of social advertising innovation. Teams had to go through a manual process that takes days each time they needed
to apply customisations on their ads: product details, pricing, discounts, etc.

“Vizard helped us reach out to wider audience with a more customised and personalised messaging”

The Solution

In order to execute on these personalised festive sale ads, they turned to Vizard Apps, which shares the same values of being customer centric, innovative, and performance-driven, to develop an automated and scalable solution. With the help from Vizard’s technical solutions team, the company managed to unlock the potential of the automation offered by us in the following ways:

  • The team created festive sale templates with an overarching theme and were able to mass produce creatives with different images, text message and CTA
  • The team updated the facebook catalogue with new theme images which not only addressed the issue of ad-fatigue but the ads also looked more stunning and eye-catching compared to overlays
  • Using Vizard the team was able to create videos through data-driven dynamic elements with each video carrying a unique and different message for different persona of customers
  • They could also customise experience across different digital channels. They
    placed relevant festive sale creatives dynamically across web, mobile, email &
    app for each persona.

The Outcome

Vizard’s creative automation allowed them to produce high volumes of ads in multiple formats and variant of sizes, which saved them hours of manual work. The company was able to reach out to their customers with more personalised and tailored creatives which resulted in increased engagement.

This fully automated setup has reduced time and money spent on creative generation by huge percentage compared to the old system and thereby giving the company an edge over other e-commerce players.

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