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Automate production of creatives for Digital Marketing Agencies

Increase productivity & scale up production of creatives.

A digital marketing agency uses a virtual bench of freelancers, consultants, and partners from around the world. They have a dedicated team working on digital advertising, content development, social media management and graphic design.

Challenges for Digital Marketing Agencies

  • The team spends multiple hours on design tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD.
  • Hiring more talent isn’t scalable or cost effective.
  • Managing and controlling production of graphic designs is difficult.
How Vizard Studio helps?

Vizard is easy to use even for non-designers. Vizard offers a great design tool and pre-designed templates for generating world class graphic designs. These can be used for social media management and digital advertising. Multiple variants of designs for all kind of social media needs save a lot of time for their team, making them more productive and efficient.

How Vizard Studio works?

Vizard Studio provides a graphic user interface to generate graphic designs at scale with automation and custom templates. The team members of a digital marketing agency can login into their account and can have multiple product catalogues linked for all their clients. They can choose any of the products to create graphic designs at scale. There are pre-designed templates available or they can create custom templates for each client.

How AdYogi Marketing is winning big with Vizard Studio?

AdYogi is an established digital marketing agency. It has most of its clients in e-commerce space. It was getting difficult for their team to handle generation of creatives for the advertising and social media. Their clients were not able to graphic designs for digital marketing and if they did the designs were sub standard and not up to the mark. This impacted the engagement of their clients.

AdYogi integrated Vizard Studio to create stunning graphic designs at scale. This proved a great tool to produce creatives of high quality in much lesser time. According to their estimates, their clients spent 60% lesser time and register a much higher engagement.

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