The need for a multi-lingual advertising strategy

November 16, 2021
5 Minutes
Vanshika Mistry

Une stratégie de marketing multilingue consiste à traduire le contenu dans différentes langues tout en conservant l'intention du message d'origine.

Now, I’m sure you didn’t understand whatever is written above (unless you know French), but this is just a sentence! What if you happen to come across an item that you’re browsing, but the details and specifications are in another language that is unknown to you? You’re going to scroll past it. The same is true for PPC ads. 

When people see an ad, not in their native language, they perceive it as a “general” ad and ignore it. Not because they don’t want to click on it, but because their mind processes them as less relevant than ads in their native language. 

A global customer base makes multi-lingual marketing a necessity in today’s world. Creating audience-specific content helps a brand connect with its audience emotionally, increasing brand-audience resonance.

Are multi-lingual ads really that important?

If you have an international customer base or your primary country of operation has several languages, you lose out on much revenue that is up for grabs. The same is true if you sell a digital product. This is one of the most low-hanging opportunities.

In most cases, this is a known opportunity but a difficult one to act upon. The marketing & creative teams are already burdened with creating different ads manually, with each ad pertaining to a unique product and then creating multiple copies of that ad in different sizes, CTAs etc.. Since they already have many things on their hand, you cannot expect them to manually create separate ads for all products in so many different languages! 

Brands avoid a multi-lingual advertising strategy primarily because it is expensive and often hard to carry out even when it can produce excellent results.

How to generate multi-lingual ads

This is a perfect place to put robots to work. No, really. Creative automation tools can do all of this work for you; for example, they can create multiple ads for each product while keeping their specifications intact. They can also automatically create ads in multiple languages in minutes. Creative automation helps the marketing and design teams save a lot of time and effort in doing mundane, manual, tedious work. Usually, you can get started with the automation immediately with no-prior requirement as long as you can provide data needed to generate these variations. 

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