Automatic customized creatives in PPC for digital marketers

January 6, 2022
4 Minutes
Amardeep Singh

If you’re a marketer, the last thing you want to do is annoy customers with persistent ads that they can’t relate to anyway. Unfortunately, that’s precisely the kind of risk you’re taking by running marketing campaigns with generic creatives. Same ads running through the year induce ad fatigue, which can even result in actively driving your customers away. Ads with just product images make your campaign look badly conceptualized and poorly executed.

This is why customized creatives have become such an integral part of the modern marketing toolkit. They help brands cut through the noise and deliver the right message to the right consumer.

What are customized creatives?

Customized creatives are images, videos, and other visual ad elements explicitly produced for a particular target market. They’re typically optimized to appeal to a specific group of consumers utilizing user data, including demographics, location, language, and browsing history. Different seasons and events can also serve as data points on which customized creatives can be based.

The main goal of customized creatives is to display content depending on its relevance to consumers. By implementing it correctly, brands can increase engagement, conversion, and other key metrics.

With a well-placed banner ad with an eye-catching customized creative, you can produce some promising consumer engagement metrics.

Customized creatives are relevant not only for different consumer segments but also for different seasonal campaigns. Your ad creatives for ‘Thanksgiving’ campaigns should look different from your ‘Christmas’ campaigns. If you are still running the same campaigns all year long, then it is time you change it. 

Why should I use customized creatives?

There was a time when brands using your name on the subject line of an email marketing campaign was revolutionary. It humanized brands and elevated them from cold corporate entities into full-pledged productive members of the community. But, as we move ahead, customers expect a much higher level of customization (in fact, personalization) from brands and businesses. Anything less than that is considered low-quality.

Creatives being the visual elements of an ad significantly impact the message you are trying to send across. They amplify your message to your consumers. It’s crucial, therefore, that creatives work in harmony with the context of your ads.

Customized creatives can give your brand-building efforts a boost by providing your campaign with a recognizable identity. It helps your consumers see you not as a corporate entity but as a helpful community member. In a 2018 research article, marketing insights company Epsilon says that people are not enticed by the lowest prices anymore. Instead, they’re more likely to engage with brands that they know and love.

By using customized creatives, your brand can differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd.

How to produce customized creatives?

Display Ad Networks don’t provide any tools to generate customized creatives. You need to use third-party tools for generating customized creatives. Some of the things to consider while evaluating such tools:

  • Time to generate creatives
  • Scalability (Can they handle high volumes)
  • Multiple size and format exports for all display networks
  • Cost per creative
  • Integration with design tools (like Photoshop, Figma, etc.) which your designers use
  • Self-servability

Vizard is helping some of the best eCommerce companies & brands in generating customized creatives on a very large scale.

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